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Our Services

Advisory Services

We are anchored on a foundation of over 25 years of senior leadership experience working with boards and executives from for-profit and not-for-profit organizations the regional, national and international levels. We have a passion for catalyzing and empowering leaders and provide strategic and senior level support to help meet your business needs.

Our dedicated and reliable consultancy services are values based and reflect our business acumen. Our customized and results-driven offerings include:

•  Strategic and operational planning support

•  Organizational alignment with strategic priorities (structure, processes, skills)

•  Governance and accountability support

•  Change management support

We co-design and deliver plans and services that align with defined objectives, timelines and parameters.  We use an interactive approach that builds on effective tools and methodologies and on a successful track record in advancing strategies from concept to implementation.

Leadership Development

With extensive governance  and executive level experience, and expertise developing and leading large interdisciplinary teams, we design and deliver customized training sessions for boards, leaders, and teams across different industries.

This includes facilitation of in person or virtual retreats, team-building events, and interactive workshops. No size is too small or too large. We customize our offerings in alignment with client objectives and deliver quality services.

Some of our offerings include:

Leadership Competency and Skill Focused Initiatives

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Resilience
  • Change Leadership
  • Leadership Character
  • Leading Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Women in Leadership

Business Skill Development Focused Initiatives

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategic Communication
  • Negotiations
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Networking

VAS works in affiliation with leading universities and faculty across Canada, the US and internationally.  This collaboration reflects a variety of services including:  lecturing/ training sessions, case writing, leadership coaching, mentorship, internships and strategic advisory services.

Governance & Leadership Support

Building on our experience in strategic management and business acumen, VAS effectively supports the advancement of client goals and strategic priorities including:

•  Strategic communications

•  Stakeholder engagement

•  Facilitation of small to large group sessions and retreats

•  Event coordination

•  Government relations

•  Proposal writing

•  Board and Leader onboarding

Executive Coaching

With extensive business experience and working at the executive level, VAS supports leaders and emerging leaders through 1:1 and group coaching sessions building on accredited training and evidence informed models, tools, and frameworks. Our coaching services are designed to help individuals and organizations to realize their potential, overcome barriers to success and to maximize leadership ability.

VAS takes a values-based, holistic approach to coaching, and supports the advancement of client goals as partners in accountability. We specialize in catalyzing positive impacts, optimizing performance and supporting leader competency building in alignment with leader goals and aspirations. We facilitate the development and advancement of action plans to help enable achievement of client priorities and use a suite of evidence-based assessment instruments to help distill insights to help inform and advance coaching goals.

Our Service Offerings Include:

  • Support for New Senior Leaders to enable smooth transitions and effective ramp up
  • Support for Leaders in Key Executive Roles to help enable effective delivery of goals while providing a safe and collaborative reflective space for thought leadership
  • Succession Planning Support to enable career advancement and business continuity
  • Board Coaching to support onboarding of new Directors and to facilitate group planning
  • Team Coaching to facilitate team goal and action plan development
  • Support for Entrepreneurs developing or advancing ventures

VAS offers 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-month coaching packages as well as ad-hoc coaching sessions to help address current and emerging needs of leaders and teams.

VAS also provides coaching services in collaboration with various universities across Canada in support of leadership development, and to help optimize participant skill building and to support the application of program theory to practice.  

We are affiliated with the Harvard Institute of Coaching and the Global Institute of Organizational Coaching and are members of the International Coaching Federation and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. 

What Clients Can Expect

  • Highly skilled, professional, and reliable services
  • Trusted thought leadership support and collaboration
  • Assurance of alignment with organizational aims, values, and priorities
  • Timely and regular communication throughout the engagement
  • Customized processes and tools designed to enable advancement of client goals
  • Effective frameworks and methodologies to support actionable strategies
  • Deep listening and catalytic discussions
  • Value for money; seasoned resources at competitive rates

Client Testimonials

  • “… intelligent, inspiring, and insightful, combining left brain strategy with right brain intuition to guide me”   (KF, Lawyer)
  • “get “it” and you, and very good at helping you get where you want to go, without telling you where to go or what to do” (BC, Medical Director)

  • “have a meaningful impact on the business owners and their businesses in good times and in bad….listen extraordinarily well and thoughtfully balance the emotional and business aspects in acknowledgments, questions and direction offered”  (ML, Banking Executive)

  • took the time to understand the organizational need and our context, as well as the individual Executive’s needs. This laid an important foundation of trust and understanding, that allowed her to create a thoughtful and effective action plan. Our Executive gained a deeper understanding of her own needs and motivations in the process. The result has been growth in both self-awareness and emotional intelligence. I would highly recommend to other organizations”  (AA, CEO)

  • “possesses a unique ability to balance constructive criticism with unwavering support.   I can’t think of a better mentor or coach that I have come into contact with during my 20 years of medical training and work”   (AS, Physician)

  • “At the Executive level, it is good to have someone to confide in who will listen without judgement …but also tell you what you need to hear. Brings out the best and pushes appropriately for practical and real results” (JM, Marketing Executive)

  • “After six months of coaching, I am incredibly pleased with the gains I made….I feel happier, more organized, better focused, and pleased with the difficult decisions I have made with respect to my career that would have otherwise been very daunting for me”    (FA, Entrepreneur)

  • “I love our time together.  It gives me the space I need to be intentional in where I choose to spend my time and reflect on what I want to prioritize”  (MF, Financial Services Executive)